Giacche’ 81 is an Italian young and dynamic menswear company, based in Arezzo, with a twist of casual chic attitude and touch of dandy mood. The company represents the distinguished style of the Italian taste. Elegance, quality fabrics and effortless comfort are its competitive advantages. They have revealed the art of bon vivre. The accent on the brand represents the research for the details that embellishes each piece of the collections. Jackets, coats, suits are a symphony of rich colors and vivid shades that chase each other in an endless, aesthetic, fashion game. The quality and knowledge in manufacturing the fabrics, strictly made in Italy, represents the exclusive Tuscan savoir-faire, synonymous of continuous research, innovation and sophisticate experimentation. The sun since the dawn of civilization symbolize life, creativity, magnificence, protection, intelligence and beauty. 81 is the number which, in reference to the sun, indicates the success, the architectural balance and it is a Harshad number that in Sanskrit means “great joy”. The company is placed in the medium-high end of the market segment. It’s target includes men between 30 to 60 years old, which believe in all the values of excellence and distinction without giving up to a trendy and original daily wear.

Distribution: Italy Giacche’ 81 is distributed throughout Italy, in selected and prestigious boutiques

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